Is Lasik Eye Surgery Painful?



Lasik is a laser treatment to improve vision for people who have refractive errors like myopia, hyperopia, or astigmatism. Millions of people have benefitted from Lasik by attaining a 20/25 vision or better. It is the most reliable, safe, and painless bladeless surgery. The success rate of Lasik depends upon several factors. So, you need to consult an eye specialist to know if Lasik is the correct option for you or not. However, the complications post Lasik are very rare but your overall health plays an important role in recovery. You can entrust a highly experienced surgeon for Lasik surgery in Delhi {}. The best surgeon will conduct tests and examine your eyes to let you know the success chance.

You can get rid of your glasses and contacts with reasonable Lasik surgery costs in India {visual aids centre}. Lasik is a permanent solution for clear and stable vision without glasses. However, some people may require glasses even after Lasik because of aging-eye conditions. This problem is also known as presbyopia. This laser treatment takes only 20-30 minutes per eye for the whole procedure. Also, it is nearly painless and you can notice an improvement in your eyesight within a week. This article will walk you through the whole process of Lasik to convince you it is almost painless.

Does Lasik Hurt During Or Post Lasik?

Most people think that a laser will hurt their eyes during the process. But being a bladeless surgery, it uses a special cutting laser to reshape your cornea. It is usually painless but you may feel pressure in your eyes during the process. Before the Lasik surgery, the doctor will suggest not to wear any makeup or lotions. This reduces the risk of infection and inflammation. Then, the doctor will give you anesthetic eye drops to numb your eyes.

The surgeon uses an excimer laser to reshape the cornea and create a thin flap that acts as a natural bandage for the cornea. This whole process takes only 15-25 minutes and then you are allowed to leave the hospital after a few hours. After Lasik surgery, the cornea needs time to heal and focus the image on the retina clearly. Post Lasik, your doctor will ask you to wear protective shields to avoid any damage to your eyes. However, after the surgery, you may experience a burning or itching sensation.

Dry eyes after the surgery are seen most commonly in all the patients. This happens because the surgery decreases the amount of tear production causing dry eyes. You should use eye drops to keep them lubricated. Do not rub your eyes after the surgery for at least one to two months. You may end up damaging the flap which will delay the healing process of the cornea. Here are some common and temporary side effects to Lasik that may cause pain.

  1. Dry eyes
  2. Glares or halos around the bright light.
  3. Itching or inflammation
  4. Under or over-correction
  5. Difficulty to see at night.

These side effects may take four to eight weeks but you can minimize them by taking necessary precautions and medications.