Joseph Cipolla Chicago – Some Amazing Tips to Add Life to Your Halloween Photographs


Halloween is a spooky and fun time for everyone. If you are a photographer and have not been so happy seeing your Halloween clicks this year, you can always do better next. Armed with your camera, you can actually add a lot of vibrancy and spontaneity to all your photographs with a little bit of creativeness and practice!

Joseph Cipolla Chicago – Adding the extra bit of spookiness to your photographs

Joseph Cipolla is a talented photographer from Illinois, Chicago, in the USA. He is known for his stunning photographs on diverse subjects that he often shares on social media pages. Joseph Cipolla Chicago says that when it comes to capturing subjects with your camera during Halloween, you can use simple props like chairs, tables, hats, etc. All you need to do is look around and collect the interesting items you have at home to use in your photographs.

He shares some amazing ideas on how you can boost the creativity in your photographs and make a spectacular portfolio with them.

Simple tips for creating stunning Halloween photographs

He says that you do not need much money to buy things to use in your photographs. You can make use of the broom, pumpkin, and other items in your home. With them, you can set up a photo booth, and with the help of the following tips, click away to capture some scary and fun moments-

  1. Do not ignore the costumes- simply focusing on the ambiance and props are not enough. Capturing the fun costumes of everyone and look out for candid moments to take the best clicks.


  1. Look around and take in the spooky scenery- Most cities often organize spooky Halloween tours and walk during this time of the year. If you are attending any of them, ensure your camera goes along too!


  1. Include your furry friends too- Dress your pets up in scary costumes and click them away. Your furry friends are always part of the occasion, and they, too, can make remarkable subjects for your Halloween photographs. Once they are done with their posing, make sure to treat them too!


  1. Think really scary- In order to capture fun pictures during Halloween, think scary. You can use lights and shadows in the background to click some frightening pictures apt for the occasion.


As per Joe Cipolla Chicago to get the best photographs for Halloween, you do not need to have a DSLR at all.  Nowadays, smartphones come with cameras that have outstanding features. There are apps with filters, and you can download them to get the right contrast, brightness, hues, etc. If you are just starting as a photographer and capture spectacular moments, know your camera well. Practice as much as you can so that you get accustomed to the features in your camera. The last thing you would want to do is fumble with your camera when you want to capture a moment. If you are not fast enough, that moment sadly becomes a fleeting moment and might not come back to you again!