Michael Coppola Offers a Few Cyber Security Tips That People Must Follow


The internet has become an indispensable component of the life of people today. However, it is also crucial to know that the internet space is full of malicious links, viruses, and Trojans. Michael Coppola points out that data breaches are becoming more frequent with every passing day, making unsuspecting users highly vulnerable to cyber attacks. One may end up losing a great sum of money by simply clicking on one wrong link. Hence, it is vital that people use proper cyber security measures and solutions to protect their sensitive data and money from malicious attackers on the web.

Anyone can become a victim of a data breach, right from personal users to discerning business enterprises. Michael Coppola stresses upon the fact that cyber-attacks and data breaches not only may cause financial losses, but may even hamper the reputation of people and businesses. Hence, awareness about cyber security measures has become crucial for all people today. By following certain simple steps to protect their system and digital data, people can effectively reduce the extent of the risk of cyber attack faced by them.

Here are a few valuable cyber security tips mentioned by Michael Coppola:

  • Do not click without thinking: People must always think about the authenticity of a link before clicking on it, as one wrong move can cost them a hefty sum of money. Malicious links can cause several types of damages. Hence, it is prudent that people inspect online links and make sure they are from trusted senders before clicking.
  • Use two-factor authentication: In addition to having a strong password, people should opt for two-factor, or multi-factor authentication for their online accounts, including email and social media profiles. This method provides a double layer of security measure to the user. Hence, if a hacker gets hold of the password of a person, there still shall be an additional security measure in place to ensure that their account is not breached.
  • Keep an eye out for phishing scams: There are millions of fake emails sent daily across the world by malicious attackers. These phishing attacks are extremely easy to fall for, making them one of the biggest cyber security threats.  The best way to stay clear of phishing scams would be to avoid emails from unfamiliar senders, hover over any link received to verify its actual destination, as well as try to look for any inconsistencies in the emails that look suspicious.
  • Keep track of digital footprint: As a person starts to carefully monitor all their online accounts, they shall be in a position to promptly catch any suspicious activity taking place there. It is important that people keep a note of all their online accounts, and the information is stored on them, including credit card numbers.

In addition to following the pointers underlined above, people should also invest in proper cyber security solutions in order to safeguard themselves from diverse cyber attacks.